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Gran Canaria is a part of the Canary Islands and the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the largest cities in Spain. The third largest of the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is home to many resorts and most of the southern coast is dominated by tourist resorts. The resorts are a key part of the economy and generate a majority of the island's revenue. Although the main language is Spanish, many people speak English and German in the areas frequented by tourists. There are many things to discover and by reading the travel guide to Gran Canaria, you can plan your trip and have an enjoyable island vacation.

The weather in Gran Canaria is sub tropical and pleasant most of the year. Summers can be quite hot at times and finding some shade will be a good idea. Winters are fairly mild but it is a good idea to have a jacket just in case. Severe weather can be seen here from October to March especially in the mountainous areas.

Travel to and around Gran Canaria is much like any other destination. Upon arrival at the Gran Canaria Airport, also known as Las Palmas Airport, you will have options for buses, rental cars, and taxi services. The airport also has a bank, ATM, and money exchange services for traveller convenience. There are florists, jewellers, and even a small supermarket for shopping before you head to your resort. The Gran Canaria airport offers a lot of convenience for travellers who want to prepare for a resort stay that won't include venturing off to town to shop for necessities.

There is a wide range of activities in Gran Canaria and everyone is sure to find something enjoyable to do. Staying at a top notch resort and enjoying the beaches and relaxing is a great idea. If more action is in your plans, then consider surfing classes or hiking. Lakeside walks and hikes through cave villages or taking the trails to enjoy the marvellous mountain views will leave you breathless. Surfing lessons can have you up on a board and riding the waves in no time. Scuba diving and golf activities can also be found here.

When it comes time to eat there are many choices and you will find cuisine from various nationalities. Canarian cuisine such as squid rings, octopus, and gofio are at least worth a try. If you find the desire for a little more traditional food or maybe just a taste of home, you can find pizza, seafood, and steaks as well. For a good drink and a little night life you can find various clubs and bars that will provide an evening of drinking and dancing.

Staying safe is an important factor in having an enjoyable trip. Resort areas have very little crime and staying in a resort and using the resort facilities will help keep you out of harm’s way. Outside of the resorts be sure to stay in well lit areas and try to stay in groups. Hopefully the information in this Travel Guide to Gran Canaria will provide you everything you need for a great vacation.

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