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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa, this Spanish speaking island (part of the Canary string) is a popular destination for Europeans and other world travellers alike, and is the primary topic for our Travel Guide to Lanzarote. The island's main source of income is tourism with most visitors flying in from the UK and Ireland. Considering that Lanzarote is a Spanish speaking island it is no wander that restaurants mostly carry menu's in Spanish, with some English translations being made available.

Due to the heavy influx of visitors from the United Kingdom, Lanzarote's main international route is understandably, London with other flights to the Spanish mainland and sister Canary islands. Airlines that can be accessed to this Mediterranean island are Spanair, Easyjet and Jetair, to name a few and they all fly in to Lanzarote's only International airport.

While the bus and taxi service are reasonably priced, they are not advised transport sources for tourists primarily because they do not regularly frequent tourist locations. Your best bet while on the island would be a rental car which can be acquired from reputable local companies, namely AutoReisen, ORCAR and a few others. Check with your travel agent for information as to companies that deal fairly with visitors to the island. The Euro and the pound are the preferred form of currency, however, credit cards are also widely accepted.

While on the island, our Travel Guide to Lanzarote suggests the following attractions to visit, the Whales and Dolphins Museum, Timanfayer National Park and Mirador del Rio. With its share of beautiful beaches such as Papagayo, Player Grande – Puerto del Carmen, Playa de los Pocillos and Playa Honda, Lanzarote island also caters for the adventurous with scuba diving, wind surfing and para-sailing, or if you prefer you may take it slow and snorkel or go canoeing. When visiting other countries, if you are interested in their true culture and dining habits, you may wish to dine in restaurants that are not geared particularly for the tourist as the non tourist restaurants tend to be more authentic with regards to taste and selection. If, however, you would prefer to stay with what you know, Mexican, Chinese, Greek and Indian restaurants are readily available for your dining pleasure.

If you are a drinker, alcohol is easily available and reasonably priced in supermarkets, however, might be slightly higher priced while in a bar. Water on the island is recycled from the ocean and is therefore not advisable to drink, while bottle water is reasonably priced and widely available. The island's capital, Arrecife is where you will find over fifty percent of Lanzarote's citizens and shopping, surprisingly modern for an island in the Mediterranean.

Lanzarote is second only to Tenerife in popularity, but as time goes by, with its volcanic history, (dormant since the seventeen hundreds), ideal location, beautiful beaches, fun filled activities, metropolitan city, low crime rate, low population, low pollution, friendly natives, beautiful scenery, easy access, it is rapidly becoming number one.

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