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Tenerife is a Spanish island located off the coast of Africa. There are seven Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean and Tenerife is the largest. It has the largest population of Spain and the Canary Islands. Tenerife is so popular, it gets about 5 million tourists a year. Tenerife may be somewhat easier to get to, because it has two airports, the only Spanish Island that can boast of this fact. Tenerife is thought to be the product of volcanic activity millions of years ago.

When you visit Tenerife, a must for every history buff is a visit to the new Museum of History. Another place every visitor should see is the capital of the island better know as Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is influenced by the Guanche tribe. You can see the “giants” of Candelaria here, which are statues of the Guanches, the legendary chieftains of the island many years ago. According to Guanche history, Tenerife means “snow capped mountain”. If you go to Tenerife at Carnival time, you will see an incomparable festival that the whole country celebrates. If you want to see the pyramids they are located in Chacona at Valle del Guimar. If animals are your thing, you can visit and also ride the camels and receive a dromedary driving license. This is available in Arona. The Teide volcano is another tourist attraction. It is the third largest in the world.

Some of the most popular and unusual activities in Tenerife are bob diving and bike rafting. Bike rafting is when you go to the top of a mountain and then you ride down on your bike. It doesn’t take much physical fitness, because it is all downhill. People of all ages enjoy this. Bob diving (breathing observation bubble) is very exciting. This is an underwater scooter, where you can scoot around in the water and look at all of the fish, or most people stay still and let the fish come to them. When in Tenerife, it is a must to see the dolphins and there are many excursion companies that provide this opportunity. Another big thing in Tenerife is quad biking and there are several parks that provide you all day entertainment. These are all-terrain bikes that zoom around the countryside. Of course, we cannot forget the beautiful beaches. There are all sorts of beaches, from black sand to gold sand, and even nude beaches. There are even beaches with dunes.

There are many wonderful restaurants in Tenerife. The food is known for its spectacular flavours, because the vegetables and seafood are extremely fresh. The climate is perfect all year for growing almost any kind of vegetables, herbs and spices. Most restaurants specialize in sauces that are very flavourful, known as mojo. Each restaurant claims a unique mojo.

Tenerife transportation is abundant. You have your buses that are reasonably priced; you can rent a bike, from a regular pedal bike to a moped. You can get a taxi. However, most people advise renting a vehicle, you can then do what you want when you want.

The weather is always good in Tenerife. The northern part is slightly cooler and experiences more rain than the southern part, but the weather is still very nice and helps add to the wonderful experience of Tenerife.

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